Building the next chapter…

At St Catherine’s we are really excited about the future, and we want you to be part of it! 

For more than a century, people have been gathering at St Catherine’s to encounter Jesus, to worship Him, to pray together and share life in community with one another. 

Today, God is moving among us and a new and exciting vision is beginning to emerge. This vision will affirm and grow the church as we know it and help us to reach out to those around us in a whole new way. 

We want to discuss new ways to embrace our community, so that everyone has a chance to encounter the love of Jesus and to be formed and transformed by that love. 

To do this, we are inviting you to be part of the Big Conversation and to share your ideas, hopes and dreams. This is an exciting opportunity to help begin to piece together God’s vision for our future and to help build the next chapter in our history as a Church. 

The Big Conversation begins in June with members of our Church family, but it will soon grow to include people from across our community, because we are keen to discover how we can best serve the people of Gorseinon today. 

We want to be at the heart of our community, there for every single person in Gorseinon, regardless of their faith or how often they attend worship at St Catherine's Church. Soon there will be a chance for YOU to help us discover what that might look like. Watch this space.

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Join the Big Conversation 

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