Would you like to be on our Electoral Roll?

Appearing on our Electoral Roll is not a prerequisite of membership, but it does demonstrate a willingness and intention to help shape the future of the church as members who's name's are on the Electoral Roll can:

  • stand for election to, and vote for, the Church Council.

  • be eligible to be a Churchwarden and stand for People's Warden. 

  • vote for representatives on the Area Deanery Conference and the Diocesan Conference.   


What are the conditions? 

 That you are qualified according to the provisions of Section 2(4) of Chapter VI of the Constitution of the Church in Wales. This means:

For Anglicans : 

that you have received communion, having been confirmed in (or received into) the Church in Wales or in a Church in Communion with the Church in Wales;

For members of other Churches:

 that you have obtained the permission of the Diocesan Bishop for your name to be entered on the Electoral Roll;

For everybody: 

  that you are aged 16 or over; 
that you live in the parish, or have worshipped in the parish for at least the last six months; 
that you agree to accept and to be bound by the Constitution of the Church in Wales.


    appearing on our electoral roll
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