What do we think about family and relationships?

The Scriptures show us how God reveals himself in and through all kinds of human relationships – those between friends, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, parents and children. We are helped by him to love and care for one another, and we learn more about him through those experiences. When relationships fail, and we are hurt, we can find him in giving and receiving forgiveness and the hope of a fresh start.


Parents and Children 

God loves us unconditionally, as a mother or father loves his or her own children.  Parents are specially placed to help their children grow in the love of God, and the church tries to support them in all sorts of ways- through our Sunday school, our Ask group, the Bridge group, through the Mothers’ Union and Men's group.

We also invite people to bring their children to be baptised  – to be made members of the family of Christ.



God not only loves us, but he promises he will always love us. Marriage is meant to be a reflection of that and is based on promises between a man and a woman – of lifelong commitment in love and faithfulness.

Whilst passionately believing in this kind of relationship we also realise that marriages do break down and we do offer the possibility of a second marriage in church under certain circumstances. 


Same-sex marriage 

Since March 29 2014 same-sex marriages are permitted by law in England and Wales. As the law stands, same-sex marriages may not be solemnised by the Church in Wales.  Such marriages are also at variance with the church’s doctrine of marriage which states that marriage is a lifelong and faithful union between a man and a woman.

The church, however, has to recognise the legality of same-sex marriages but also has to recognise that there is now a dissonance between it and the State’s view.  

The Bishops of the Church in Wales agreed the following statement on marriage between same-sex couples in March 2012:

We abide by the Christian doctrine of marriage as the union of one man with one woman freely entered into for life. We acknowledge that whilst issues of human sexuality are not resolved, there are couples living in other life-long committed relationships who deserve the welcome, pastoral care and support of the Church. We are committed to further listening, prayerful reflection and discernment regarding same-sex relationships.

(The Church in Wales, Bench of Bishops)