We want to work with those who are different

Jesus prayed for his followers:

Father, may they all be one ... so that the world may believe.

(John 17:21). 

Ecumenism is the word we use to describe the efforts being made by the various churches to work together and to unite in love and truth. We are committed to ecumenism and rejoice in the many ways in which Christian churches are growing closer to one another in worship and in service to the community.

Baptised communicant members of other churches are welcome to receive communion in our churches.

When people originally from other churches worship with us regularly and want to be involved in our ongoing life they can be on our electoral roll, with written permission from their diocesan bishop.

We recognise that our divisions are not pleasing to God and an obstacle in our witness and mission.  We therefore want to see local churches of different denominations working together. We also want to see theological dialogue at national and international levels that are working to fulfill the prayer of Jesus that we may all be one.