About Rowan Williams 

Rowan Williams is currently Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.  Between 2002-2012 he was Archbishop of Canterbury, having previously served as Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Monmouth. 

Being Disciples 

We are offering an exciting six week course that aims to explore some of the essentials of the Christian life. 

Using Rowan Williams' short and easy-to-read book Being Disciples as a guide, we aim to help you see more clearly, love more dearly and follow more nearly the way of Jesus Christ. 

Beginning Wednesday 19 April 2017, 7pm.


What do others say about the book? 


Quite the most beautiful writing on discipleship I know.

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Whether you are just starting to explore the Christian faith, or have been a follower of Jesus for years, here is an essential guide for the journey ... Rowan Williams writes with gentle strength that witnesses to the joy to be found in being a disciple of Jesus. 

Kate Bottley, 'Gogglebox vicar', writer, broadcaster and parish priest.

Rowan Williams is one of the greatest theologians of our time. He is also an inspiring teacher whose godly wisdom helps us to understand profound truths.

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and pioneer of the Alpha Course.